TikTok video of woman doing finger tricks goes crazy viral on Twitter. Can you copy her moves?

Tiktok is flooded with new trends almost every day. The latest addition to that list is finger tricks and one particular video showcasing that trend is going all kinds of viral after it was shared on Twitter. Many are calling it trippy and there’s a chance you’ll feel the same too.

With a peppy music playing at the background, this trend is all about moving one’s fingers really fast to create an optical illusion. In which it appears as if the palm of a person’s hand is passing through the other.

“Here’s something trippy for your night lol,” wrote a Twitter user and shared the video of herself performing the same illusionary trick. It’s her excellent performance in the video which has captured people’s attention.

Since being shared on November 21, the seven-second-long video has garnered over 5.4 million views. Further, it has also amassed close to 4.4 lakh likes and over 1.4 lakh retweets.

Though many replied to the video, there’s a certain tweet which also gained lots of attention. It shows another man performing the same thing while wearing “LED gloves”. The video has managed to garner close to 1.9 lakh views. Additionally, it also gathered over 11,000 likes and about 1,600 retweets.

People had a lot to say on the woman’s tweet. While some were surprised, others wanted to know how she did it. A few even called it “sorcery”. Take a look at how people reacted:

Back in October, another TikTok video stole tweeple’s hearts. It shows a couple dancing – in the rain – to the tune of a peppy music with big grins on their faces.

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