Travel blogger Nivedith Gajapathy turned into Suitcase Gajapathy for a day. Watch the video to know why

For travel blogger-cum-influencer Nivedith Gajapathy, suitcases are an integral part of his life. But suitcases are also the perfect breeding grounds for germs, given that they are exposed to multiple surfaces. In difficult times like these, it is definitely a cause for concern.

So, what does he do to protect himself? He simply disinfects his suitcases using the Nerolac Disinfectant HWS 256.The latter helps protect all surfaces around us, including walls and fabric. It also kills 99.99% of all germs, be it viruses, bacteria or fungi. It’s also easy on the pocket—500 ml of the diluted solution costs only Rs. 6.3!

Nerolac also tied up with Gajapathy for a unique initiative, where he changed his name to ‘Suitcase Gajapathy’ for a day. Given that he regularly uses a suitcase, it was chosen as the object that he would disinfect.

Watch the video to know more.

Now, did you know that you can win hygiene care hampers from Nerolac? All you have to do is click a picture of the surface you want to disinfect with Nerolac Disinfectant HWS 256 and upload it on your story using #SprayKaroCareKaro and the sticker. Don’t forget to tag @nerolacpaints!

Happy clicking!

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