What did your Starbucks barista name you? Tweeple’s responses are hilarious

Picture this: You’ve just walked into a Starbucks to place an order for a drink of your liking. You tell the barista your name as well as your order when it is your turn, and then go patiently wait by the pickup area. Finally, your drink arrives. But just as you pick up the liquid goodness, you realize that you will need to take a picture of this cup and share it on social media because of how absurdly your name has been spelt.

If the scenario that we just narrated seems too real to you, then worry not as you’re not alone. Twitter users are sharing the unique names they often find written on their Starbucks’ cups. The responses are undoubtedly amusing.

Here are some tweets from the micro-blogging platform that may leave you in fits:

A few Twitter users responded to a tweet by the e commerce platform Shopify with their own funny tweets.

These Twitter users had a similar experience.

This particular Twitter user even had picture proof for the funny name she was given by her Starbucks barista.

What are your thoughts on this trend? Did it leave you giggling too? Are there any incredibly funny names you’ve been referred to when picking your coffee? Be sure to share them with the Twitter community to keep the fun going.

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