When Kim Kardashian’s skin became a talking point

People found a photo of hers, in which her skin looks strangely normal, minus filters.

For a world that is obsessed with unnatural standards of beauty, celebrities face a lot of flak for being themselves. It does not help that social media, with all its filters and applications encourage this school of thinking. Recently, actor Eva Mendes was trolled and shamed on Instagram, for experiencing life’s most natural process — ageing. When a fan pointed out how she was getting old, Mendes had the perfect comeback: “Yes (you’re) right,” she wrote back. “Thank God I’m getting old. That means I’m still here. I’m gonna be 46 soon and grateful everyday that I’m ageing. Was your comment supposed to make me feel bad? It didn’t. It makes me feel grateful. So thank you for the reminder that I’m still here.”



⁣Back to work. Design meeting. ⠀ My coworker getting her kicks and teasing me about my “cute” new hair. Thanks to @giannandreahair for making my mom life a helluva lot easier. ?⠀ Saturday meeting aesthetic …EM for @nyandcompany Reilly Blazer and Qiana Palazzo pant which I lorve so much. Avail online if you care. Thought I’d let you know since lots of you ask what I’m wearing. ?⠀ Sending you all some extra love right now and always. Thank you for always sending me so much positivity and love through your comments. I read most of them when I can and it makes me so happy that there’s so much love around. I send it all right back. Ten fold. ?

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We have entered a new decade; it is 2020 already, and by now we should be aware of the fact that social media is not real life. And when we see a celebrity share something real and raw, and also take down negativity and trolling in the process, one can feel more empowered.

Recently, social media queen Kim Kardashian’s skin was discussed on Reddit. People found a photo of hers, in which her skin looks strangely normal, minus filters. They pointed out that she, too, has pores. “Her pores… her skin looks legit almost like mine. It’s hard to believe how fake the standards are,” one user wrote. “Her skin texture is also similar to mine. This is crazy,” another user responded to the thread.

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Celebrities are human beings, too. And just like us they, too, have normal skin — with all the pores, the freckles, the acne and other imperfections. And when a celebrity decidedly shares a picture that highlights their no-make-up, it shows that airbrushed images are a far cry from reality.

Here are some other celebrities showing us their refreshingly regular faces.

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You gotta sweat for it, right?

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You gotta sweat for it, right?

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Gal Gadot at the gym is all of us every day. If the Wonder Woman can do it, then so can we.

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Just like big sister Kim, Kylie Jenner also knows how to be comfortable in her skin.

Actor Sonam Kapoor Ahuja has always spoken about body and skin positivity. Here, she can be seen embracing her authentic self — a makeup tutorial that she begins from scratch, allowing people to see what her real, make-up free skin looks like.



This one is my blessing . My friend , My confidante , My one true love . I hope you find the light guiding your path always and may you choose to do the right thing every time . Your compassion is what makes you a good leader and i pray that you always have that in abundance . Happy Birthday my love ❤️?✨

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Actor Anushka Sharma is blessed with healthy skin. But she, too, shares her real self on social media, without any qualms.

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