Wife witnesses ‘miracle’ while cooking, husband shares pic. Tweet sparks tasty and fascinating thread

When Twitter user Matthew Burnside’s wife yelled from kitchen that she has witnessed a ‘miracle’, in his wildest dream he couldn’t have guessed what he was about to see. Spoiler alert: It has nothing to do with divine intervention part of a miracle and in fact, it is rather hilarious.

Taking to Twitter, Burnside narrated his story and also shared an image of the ‘miracle’ his wife witnessed. He wrote that “with urgency” his wife yelled from the kitchen which made him rush to the room. When he reached, she pointed towards the ladle she was cooking with and showed him this:

Yes, that’s the ‘miracle’ that fascinated her. And, this turn of events quickly piqued people’s interest and tickled their funny bone too.

While some couldn’t stop commenting on the post’s hilariousness, others shared similar ‘miracles’ they have witnessed.

“Saint Spaghettio,” wrote a Twitter user. ” The Flying Spaghetti Monster has sent you a sign – his noodly visage on your ladle. Truly thou art blessed,” joked another. “How awesome is that,” wondered another.

Here’s what others shared:

Did you even witness any such a ‘miracle’?

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