I told the world out of helplessness, Dutee Chand on same-sex relationship

After disclosing her same-sex relationship, sprinter Dutee Chand on Tuesday stated that she made the revelation out of helplessness as her sister had threatened her.

“My didi (sister) maybe thought it is different so she used to always mentally pressurise me. Sometimes she used to threaten me that if I don’t stop or give her money she will reveal it to media. She had kept me in fear,” Dutee said.

Dutee, who has been living with her partner for the last three years, further said that her family and villagers knew about her relationship “non-officially”.

“I gathered courage and told it to the world out of helplessness. Had I not told, she would have blamed me for. According to the rule of the Supreme Court, this is no crime. So, what we have done is right,” the sprinter added.

Dutee’s elder sister Saraswati Chand on Monday told ANI that the athlete’s partner “pressurised and blackmailed” her for wealth and property.

“With great sorrow, I have to say that the decision taken by Dutee to disclose her same-sex relationship] is not of her own. She’s been pressurised and blackmailed into marriage by that girl and her family. All of this has been done to grab the property and wealth of Dutee,” Saraswati had said.

“Dutee’s life and property are in danger. That’s why I request the government to provide protection and security to Dutee,” the elder sister had added.

Moreover, on Monday, the athlete’s mother Akhoji Chand told ANI that it was not possible for her to accept her daughter’s relationship status.

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“Dutee wants to marry a girl, who is the daughter of my niece, so she is my grand-daughter. In this relation, Dutee will be like the mother of that girl. Then how will it be possible in our society in Odisha,” said Akhoji.

Reflecting on her mother’s comment, Dutee said, “I won’t believe what my mother said. It wasn’t her words. Someone pressurised her, maybe it is my didi or someone else. I’ve done a lot for my parents. Made the house beautiful, took responsibility to earn the livelihood. I have spent money on my parents for medical treatment. In spite of being a girl, I fulfilled all my responsibilities.”

Dutee, the 100m record holder, believes that her personal matter will rest in one-two months. She further said that her focus won’t be shifted as she aims to qualify and participate in the Olympics 2020. “This is my personal matter. I am sure everything will be fine in a month or two. On the international level, there are several athletes (who are in a same-sex relationship). To live, everybody needs a partner who understands your heart. We like each other so we decided to live together. She gives me motivation for my sport. My focus on sports will be intact,” she said.

“Problem will come and go in future, nobody can take guarantee of that. But I think there won’t be any problem. If it won’t happen, I’ll be able to focus more on my training. My focus is on Olympics 2020 (to be held in Tokyo). I am training to qualify and participate in Olympics,” Dutee added.

When asked about a viral photo wherein Dutee can be seen with a girl, the athlete counter questioned and said, “Who said she is the one? Did I say anywhere (on social media)? What’s the proof? I have a lot of friends and have posted a lot of pictures on Facebook.”

“I will file a case against whoever is blackmailing me. I am an icon. I am playing for this country. If someone says anything, it causes mental pressure and you can’t focus and train properly,” she added.

First Published:
May 21, 2019 20:42 IST

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