Sting reveals why his match with Undertaker did not take place in WWE

Sting had also pitched an idea for a cinematic match against The Undertaker, but WWE rejected it.

For many years, pro wrestling fans across the globe have waited for a dream bout between Sting and The Undertaker. But to their sheer disappointment, the two legends never squared off against each other inside the WWE ring.

Sting appeared for the first time in a WWE ring in 2014. Often dubbed “The Franchise of WCW,” the man called Sting is one of the most recognizable and unique faces in sports-entertainment history.

Since he stepped foot inside the WWE’s four-square there was a lot of noise surrounding his possible face off against the Phenom. However, that was not the case.

Incidentally, Sting had also pitched an idea for a cinematic match against the Undertaker, but WWE rejected it.

In his latest interview, Stinger shed light on the match that could have been.

“It wasn’t a goal of mine to get back in the ring. The only thing I thought I might do is have a cinematic match against Undertaker when I was with WWE. We weren’t able to come to an agreement. Tony [Schiavone] reached out to me and asked if I wanted to come play and let him know. A year later and I thought WWE isn’t working out and I didn’t want to disappear with my tail between my legs. I hate that.

“I had no idea what I could offer AEW but I called Tony and he asked if I would be interested in doing cinematic matches. I said I would like to do that and now, Tony is talking about matches on Dynamite. We’ll see what happens there. To be back on TNT is a cool element to it. It’s great to have guys like Jim Ross, Tony, Dustin [Rhodes], Tully [Blanchard] and Arn [Anderson] around.”

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