We need to reach out and help: Dinesh Karthik

The India cricketer reveals that the pandemic has lent him a fresh perspective

These are difficult times and questions are raised about our ability to connect with those who are waging a battle for their very life.

International cricketer Dinesh Karthik has been moved by the tragic stories from the Covid-19 second wave. And the wicket-keeper batsman has been doing his bit quietly.

Lot of happiness

Just recently he gave cheques to two families devastated by Covid.

“It gave me a lot of happiness. The fact that I can lessen their suffering, make a difference to their lives,” he told The Hindu on Tuesday.

And then, he has been constantly receiving requests for help.

“When I was in Delhi there was one patient who was desperate for a hospital bed,” he said.

Karthik called his contacts and managed to find a bed. “The satisfaction from helping someone was immense.”

The Tamil Nadu skipper then helped a Covid patient seeking oxygen in Chennai. “The joy you get out of helping those in need in these times equals your every achievement on the cricket field,” he said.

Yet, there have been occasions when Karthik had to meet with disappointments. When a request for Remdesivir came, he tried every source, but could not find the injection.

Pales in comparison

The pandemic, Karthik said, enabled him to see things in the right perspective.

“Some of the things we work or fight for pales in comparison to this life and death duel. Before the pandemic broke out, we took our freedom for granted. Now we know how precious it was.”

Seeing the poor suffering, he said, “Makes us realise how privileged we are. So we need to reach out.”

Karthik is sure India would eventually win against Covid.

“We are a tough, durable country.”

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