15 Ways to Take Care of Yourself at Home

With nobody to take care of their fitness or fashion right now, Bollywood stars are doing an admirable job of keeping their chin up in the time of coronavirus.

Sukanya Verma looks at the self-care tips they have to offer for a fit body and sane mind.


Look good

Stay home, stay stylish. Just because your social life has gone for a toss doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and indulge in a little bit of vanity.


Eat healthy

Don’t go overboard with the chips and cola. Remember you are a person not a junk food-loving raccoon from Over the Hedge. Yami Gautam’s gluten free meal shows us the way.

Drink healthy

Fruit juices and smoothies are great way to boost your immunity. And if that wholesome glow on Deepika Padukone is any indication, consider us sold.


Pamper your skin

When the lockdown ends, Bollywood hopes to emerge strong and stunning.


Exercise, loads of exercise.

Gyms are second home to stars. With those shut, they’re committed to maintain their fabulous bodies come what may. How’s that for ghar baithe jeeto jackpot?


Soak in the sun

Soak in tons of sunshine vitamin. With summer kicking in, that’s one thing that count on to never go out of supply.


Practise yoga

Yoga relaxes the mind, body, soul and, boy, do we need it more than ever!


Give yourself a bubbly treat

Soap and water, your best weapons against COVID-19. 


Take up a hobby

Janhvi soaks herself in vibrant colours, as she makes pictures. 


Grab a book

A bestseller will help take your mind off the nonstop coronavirus news all over. 


Enjoy the view

Stars are too busy running between sets and events, they forget to smell the coffee, enjoy the view. Now’s the time.


Cuddle up to your fluffball

All you need is love. Love is all you need. Especially if the source is known to be man’s best friend.


Slip into comfy pyjamas

The best thing about being home is you can be yourself.


Give your skin a break

Allow your skin to breathe in the absence of layers and layers of make-up, recommends the pretty Diana Penty.


Catch up on your beauty sleep

No better use for all that extra time.

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