Rashmika completes five years in showbiz… Parineeti thanks 2021… Sonakshi gets to chat with Thor…

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IMAGE: Kangana Ranaut sends a postcard from the sets of a film: ‘This is no ordinary day, today one the sets of Tiku weds Sheru I found a rare gem, Newall camera right from the golden age of Indian Cinema 1950s and this belonged to one of the greatest directors of all time Shri Bimal Royji …
‘As I am all set to direct my second feature film Emergency this is nothing short of a blessing… What a lovely day …
‘Thanks to the family of Bimal Royji to give us this precious gem for filming… thanks @donfernandodp for arranging this …’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Kangana Ranaut/Instagram


IMAGE: Rashmika Mandanna completes five years in the industry and shares her lessons: ‘It’s been 5 years of me in the film industry.. like woahhhh how did that happen.. guys.. couple of things I’ve learnt all these years-
1- time is flying by too fast make memories each day..
2- how to be truly genuinely happy from the bottom of the heart .. I am happy..
3- I’ve realised nothing in life is easy .. got to always always keep fighting for what you want.. be alert be on your toes be grounded be grateful but always keep fighting
4- but also be patient.. wait be patient.. things will take its place.. it’s might be hard and taxing but be patient and calm also.
5- other people always have something to teach you.. so always be open to learn.. you should be able to unlearn and learn many things..
6- don’t carry emotional baggages physical baggages mental baggages.. Let go! Learn to let go.
7- give time for things in life you want to work out.. example if it’s career – give time to that.. if it’s love- give time to that.. if it’s family- give time to that.. if it’s you- give time to yourself… your time is yours.. so you choose but remember time and flights will never wait for you.
8- eats cleaner, sleep better, workout harder, smile bigger, love more openly.
9- people don’t owe you anything so you don’t have to do favours to anyone, you can and you should think of yourself first.
And many more.. I’ll keep. going on and on… I’ll speak of all of this one day but for now… these’.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Rashmika Mandanna/Instagram


IMAGE: Ankita Lokhande‘s last post for the year: ‘I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, my best friend that turned into my family, and dreams that turned into reality.’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ankita Lokhande/Instagram


IMAGE: Parineeti Chopra shares a throwback pic from Prague says, ‘Thank you 2021. You blessed me.’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Parineeti Chopra/Instagram


IMAGE: Pooja Hegde has a question for you: ‘Whats YOUR favourite Christmas Film???’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Pooja Hegde/Instagram


IMAGE: Swastika Mukherjee shares a picture with daughter Anwesha and writes, ‘I think I’ll be drunk by afternoon, last day of the Covid filled year what else is there to do anyway ?! It was my plan for long now. So cheers to US !
‘However disastrous life seems to be, it’s not that bad always. I have very few regrets because I feel that God has been immensely kind by giving YOU to me. My precious little baby who has been my guiding light and has given me all the strength and love and care unconditionally to stand up and fight, fight and come out victorious, be unapologetically me. YOU have made me fearless.
‘I am not the best parent, I struggle most of the time with my heart being unreasonable and artists are not normal humans ( I truly believe that) but YOU have always been there no matter what.
Wherever life takes me always remember YOU are my soul and come what may, good & bad & worst days I will always be there for you and make sure that all your dreams come true. Even if they don’t we can try our best and I will try my best. Today and always.
‘I have your back and I know you have mine. The word FOREVER is true for us, and it shall forever be.
‘Let love and light fill up your days in the New Year. You have been the best child any parent can dream of. Mommy is there on stand by my monkey @anwesha24
‘We can say ‘ I love you’ in so many ways without uttering the words, you have said it every moment since you opened your eyes.
‘Without YOU I would have dissipated long back. This cruel world makes sense only because of YOU, my love.’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Swastika Mukherjee/Instagram


IMAGE: Meet Keerthy Suresh‘s cuddle buddy.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Keerthy Suresh/Instagram


IMAGE: Ayushmann Khurrana takes a quick nap.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ayushmann Khurrana/Instagram


IMAGE: Deepti and Shreyas Talpade celebrate 17 years of matrimony.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Shreyas Talpade/Instagram


IMAGE: Sonakshi Sinha gets to start the new year with a chat with Chris (Thor) Hemsworth!
‘2nd January, 2022 – Mark the Date! Here’s an exciting start to the new year – I’ll be in conversation with international superstar @chrishemsworth & global health & wellness brand @swissein to talk about holistic wellbeing with mindfulness, movement and nutrition. You don’t want to miss this!’
No, we won’t miss it.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonakshi Sinha/Instagram




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