All Is Not Well In MAA?

The new panel of Movie Artists Association (MAA) has no coordination right from the day it got elected. On the oath taking day, president Naresh’s behavior became a talking point and then the rift among the members widened.

These differences reached a whole new level as Executive Vice-President and actor Rajasekhar has decided to serve show-cause notices to President Naresh. Though this is strange last night around 11’o clock, reportedly a committee meeting was held and it was chaired by Rajasekhar. The committee opined that Naresh got busy with films and is not bothered about MAA and its activities. Few members alleged that for the last six months, no major activities were held by MAA and despite repeated attempts, Naresh is not attending the committee meetings. Further no fund-raising events are planned for future so as to pay pensions for aged artists and other beneficiaries.

So this committee has decided to give the full powers to Executive Vice-President Rajasekhar and accordingly they signed a paper supporting Rajasekhar’s name. However, the supporters on behalf of Naresh rubbished this committee meeting and said their decisions are not valid.

Not to forget Naresh has worked very hard to win the MAA Presidential elections. Against the odds of strong members like Sivaji Raja, Naresh gathered support from all corners and lastly from the Mega camp, Naga Babu too extended his support. But somewhere things are going haywire and they need a serious fixation for future.

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