Ananya Panday gets ‘mean treatment’ in kitchen, Chunky Panday is in a complete dad mode: Star Vs Food

Ananya Panday baked a few treats for her parents on the new episode of discovery+'s Star Vs Food Season 2.

Bollywood actor Ananya Panday donned an apron for the latest episode of discovery+’s Star Vs Food Season 2. Ananya is the daughter of yesteryears’ actor Chunky Panday and Bhavana Panday and for this episode of Star Vs Food, she decided to bake a few treats for her parents and her friend Rohan Shreshtha with Chef Freny Fernandes of Moner.

Ananya revealed through the episode that she has a big sweet tooth at which the chef was pleasantly surprised. The Student of the Year 2 actor revealed, “I eat everything and then I work out every day.” She also shared that some of her favourite sweet treats are molten cake with ice cream, fudge brownies, chocolate chip cookies and modaks.



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Baking looked like a tough task for Ananya as she isn’t used to such precise measurements and temperatures in the kitchen. When the chef asked her if it was as tough as working in the movies, Ananya revealed that her toughest project to date has been Khaali Peeli, where she starred alongside Ishaan Khatter. “Khaali Peeli was pretty challenging, only because of the accent, that Bambaiya accent,” she shared.

It seems all her working out didn’t come in handy when she was asked to mix up the batter. When she told she is at the verge of keeling over, the brusque answer of the chef was, “Don’t you go to the gym every day?” She also went on to diss Ananya’s work, calling it ‘sh*t’. Comparing the chef to Gordon Ramsay, Ananya said, “I’m falling apart, the chef is getting meaner and meaner as the day passes, and my feelings are getting hurt.”

Ananya prepared two baked goods for her family and her father Chunky was in total dad mode as he tasted her baking. Chunky revealed that no one in their family cooks and shared a sweet anecdote from the time when he met Bhavana’s family before they tied the knot.

Star Vs Food Season 2 has already hosted Anil Kapoor and Jahnvi Kapoor. The upcoming episodes will feature Zakir Khan, Badshah and Nora Fatehi.

The next episode of Star Vs Food will start streaming on September 23.

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