Buzz: Sudden Fame Got Into Heroine’s Head

Ever since her debut film in Tollywood got to a huge hype, struggling model Payal Rajput has seen a new light in her career. And this actress who acted in some Punjabi and Tamil films became a sought after star in Tollywood.

At the moment Payal has three films in hand including that of Raviteja’s Disco Raja, Balayya-KS Ravikumar movie and another movie of debutant director Bhanuprakash. Reports are coming that actually, Payal is turning up quite late to the sets of this film being directed by a newcomer as they say that ‘sudden fame’ got into her head.

There is talk that even after arriving late to the sets, Payal gets busy on phone in her caravan and takes huge time to step out of it. Also, she’s said to be giving rude replies when the executive producer questioned about the delay. If there is even an iota of truth in these rumours, then surely Payal has to take care of the situation right now.

Many talented heroines have lost their careers big time due to arrogance and lack of discipline. Hope a talented and beautiful girl like Payal will not go that way.

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