Carol Vorderman screams over 4MG’s magic trick – but cringing viewers expose it

Carol Vorderman couldn't believe her eyes over BGT semi-final winners 4MG's magic trick today… but viewers were quick to expose it.

The Countdown legend, who is covering for Lorraine Kelly over the holidays, got a little over-excited when the 4MG lads showed off their skills live on air.

But while the presenter was in awe over the trick, viewers quickly cottoned on to how it had been done.

4MG, comprised of James, 19, Harry, 18, Theo and Josh, both 17, appeared on the ITV daytime programme and showed off a trick which showed appearing and disappearing dots.

Carol was in shock and repeatedly screamed: "Oh my god!"

But one viewer quickly exposed the trick, remarking: "#Lorraine magnets."

A viewer remarked: "Too early for #Carol Vorderman . She’s lovely but Jesus calm down . Dress is just way too much for morning show and over the top reactions . #lorraine we’re trying to chill Carol ."

At the end of the trick, one of the boys appeared to pluck a red ball out of thin air.

But one unimpressed viewer remarked: "You saw him reach back for the ball and had it in his hand ready. S*** magic. #lorraine #4mg #bgt."

*Lorraine airs weekdays at 8.30am on ITV

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