Celine Dion Carpool Karaoke Features Shoe Collection Intervention and Incredible 'Titanic' Tribute

The iconic singer gave a dramatic rendering of the modern classic “Baby Shark” and proved that she truly does have a song for every occasion.

Celine Dion is definitely among that diva class, but the world-class singer is also incredibly down-to-earth, as evidenced by her hilariously charming Carpool Karaoke ride on Monday.

James Corden was apparently quite lucky when he called her while driving around Las Vegas near her Caesar’s Palace residency. "I just have a day off once a year and you caught me on that day," Dion joked.

And right away, she proved that she knew what she signed up for. "Do you like living in Vegas?" Corden asked her.

"I live where my heart is," Dion replied, immediately bursting out with "My Heart Will Go On." And she didn’t stop there.

We guarantee that Dion could beat anyone in a game of "A Song for Every Occasion." When he asked if she was excited for the segment, she started belting, "I’m so excited."

He stumped her only for a few seconds when he randomly said that his pipes had burst in his bathroom. But only for a second. And then it was time to bust out Rihanna’s "Work."

The "Late Late Show" host challenged Dion’s dramatic talents — "I feel like there is no song on Earth that you couldn’t make dramatic" — with one of the least dramatic songs in the history of music: "Baby Shark."

After introducing it to her via the classic version, Dion leaned into her diva and belted out a heartfelt take on it that culminated in powerful chest beats and moved every child and adult within range.

All those people were in for a huge surprise, too, as Corden had a surprise of his own. It turns out Celine Dion is a bit of a shoe junkie. When asked how many pairs she owned, she sheepishly replied, "3,000 maybe 5,000."

"I heard 10,000," Corden countered.

"Maybe," she said. "I didn’t want to say it."

So he then challenged her like this was an episode of "Hoarders" and asked how emotionally attached to her shoes she was because he’d been in touch with her assistants. "Oh no! Those bitches!" Dion said.

"They said that they felt that we need to have a slight cull of your shoes," Corden suggested.

"F–k off!" she replied vehemently. And it truly did look like she had an attachment to each shoe he brought up from the backseat for her to hand out to random people on the street. It was hilarious watching how reluctantly she parted with some of her favorites — and even more amazing that she recognized each of them.

"I need alcohol," she said by the close of it.

Bar none, though, the highlight of the whole segment was when Dion decided that sitting in the car wasn’t nearly grand enough to pay tribute to one of the biggest movie soundtrack songs of all time. And so they found the tiniest Titanic in front of Ceasar’s Palace and staged a live performance in the fountain.

Honestly, as silly as it was the scene was still pretty moving. Corden in a ridiculous wig and them tooling around on a tiny boat built for basically two people and the power of Celine Dion’s voice still made it an emotional moment.

But maybe that was just how we experienced it, because the passersby seemed confused by what was happening altogether.

In a cute bonus segment that did’t make the final cut, Corden told her he’d forgotten to fill the car. So while he stood outside the car and played on his phone, Dion was alone in the car belting "All by Myself." You can check out all that action below and see if you agree Dion was easily one of his most entertaining passengers.

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