Chiru And Mohan Babu’s Family Love In Discussion

Some Telugu bigwigs often show it to youngsters, how to deal with their family members no matter whether they are successful in the career or not. Especially the likes of Megastar Chiranjeevi and Mohanbabu have that unique way of taking care of their family, looking everyone equal through their eyes.

The moment lockdown was announced, Megastar Chiranjeevi has made sure that his mother, two sisters and their families, come to his palatial residence in Jubilee Hills. We could notice that Sai Dharam Tej, his mother, father and brother, and Chiru’s other sister along with her daughters, are staying at the palace only.

At the same time, while Manchu Vishnu lives with Mohan Babu, his daughter Lakshmi Manchu lives in Film Nagar and Manoj used to stay in Gachibowli. But the moment lockdown came into effect, Mohan Babu got all of his three kids back to his palatial residence at Shamshabad.

Well, these two film industry seniors and superstars, are surely showcasing their love on their family members like anything, and if the current generation has to learn anything from them, first they should learn this aspect only.

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