Dame Judi Dench reveals her dangerous new activities – at the age of 84

Dame Judi Dench has gone abseiling – at the age of 84.

The actress also comes face to face with a deadly python as well as crocodiles in new documentary, her partner has revealed.

Speaking at the Chelsea Flower show, David Mills said: “We have just come back from Borneo where we have filmed a new two part series for ITV which is coming out in June.

“We saw lots of snakes, crocodiles and elephants. We abseiled up trees and Judi did it too. We were also on the river catching crocodiles.

"Judi came face to face with a python.

"We had a close encounter with crocodiles as they were trapping them on the river and this one they caught was four metres long.”

Dench is no stranger to documentaries.

In 2017, the 84-year-old was involved in Judi Dench: My Passion For Trees, and in 2018 she made Tea With The Dames.

The acting legend met David in 2010 when he invited her to open a squirrel enclosure at a wildlife centre in Surrey.

She has previously ruled out tying the knot., saying previously: “He is not going to propose. No, no, no, no, no. Let’s just pull ourselves together and be our age.”

Judi was married to fellow actor Michael Williams for 30 years before his death in 2001, and the couple share one daughter, Finty.

Judi also has an upcoming role in Cats the new film with James Corden.

“It should be good as it has a hell of a cast and Judi sings four numbers in it,” David says.

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