Dwayne Johnson teases Black Adam look in new photo, calls him ‘the most unstoppable force in the DC Universe’

While the photo shared by Dwayne Johnson itself does not reveal much, the caption does give a lot of information about the iconic anti-hero Black Adam.

Dwayne Johnson has shared a new image related to his upcoming DC movie Black Adam. It is Johnson in his costume, though he is wearing a shroud and is standing opposite to the light.

So while the photo itself does not reveal much, the caption does give a lot of information about the iconic anti-hero. While Black Adam is mostly Shazam’s supervillain, he is also pretty sympathetic, and that is what the Rock points out in the caption. He says, “If you know the comic book mythology, then you know where his pain comes from.”




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He added, “His rage. His wife and children killed. His people brutally enslaved.”

Teth-Adam, better known as Black Adam, was a native of a fictional country in DC Comics called Khandaq in the ancient times, was kept as a slave. He acquired the powers of Shazam but not as a hero.

In the present times, after being imprisoned for presumably using his powers for nefarious purposes for 5000 years, Black Adam is free and loose in the world.

Johnson added, “He is not a superhero, but rather a champion. Champion of the poor and beaten down. Champion of the people. And he is the most unstoppable force in the DC UNIVERSE.

He also said that through this image, he “wanted to give you guys a little #blackadam⚡️ update and share this image with you from set. Production is coming along GREAT and I’m very pleased with the movie we’re making. Black Adam’s mythology, ethics and actions no doubt will create a new paradigm in the world of superheroes, villains & antiheroes. The power will shift. The line will blur. From a slave to a God.”




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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam was previously supposed to appear in Zachary Levi starrer Shazam!, but then it was decided to launch Black Adam in a solo movie instead to give him room to develop more. Black Adam is being directed by Jaume Collet-Serra (who, incidentally, is directing Johnson in Jungle Cruise as well).

Black Adam will release on July 29, 2022.

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