Everything in Top Gun Maverick trailer that reminds us of 1986 film Top Gun

Tom Cruise is back as Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in Top Gun Maverick. 33 years after Top Gun, the sequel's trailer has a ton of callbacks to the original film.

There are very few movies that come up with a sequel 33 years later and still create a stir. Tom Cruise’s Maverick is back in Top Gun: Maverick and the trailer was enough to transport us back to 1986. If Mission impossible Fallout taught us anything, it was that Tom Cruise has defied nature in every way possible and with Top Gun: Maverick, we are certain that his kind are a rare breed, or as Ed Harris’ character says in the voiceover, “Your kind are headed for extinction.”

The Top Gun: Maverick trailer was a nostalgia capsule of 2 minutes. Here’s everything in the trailer that reminded us of Top Gun.

1. The Top Gun theme

The Top Gun theme is one of the most iconic themes in film. Composed by Harold Faltermeyer, the Top Gun theme has been imprinted in our minds for over 30 years and hearing it in the trailer just took us back in time.

2. Maverick’s style

For those who don’t know, the Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses became popular all over the world after Tom Cruise sported them in Top Gun. His signature bomber jacket and his aviators are back in Top Gun: Maverick as well which makes us believe that Tom Cruise at 57 can pull off what he did at 24.

3. Jets and bikes

The short trailer has a segment dedicated to Maverick racing with a jet plane on his bike. For fans of the original, this is another reminder of Maverick’s daredevilry.

4. The volleyball scene

Top Gun had a scene where the pilots played volleyball on the beach. It had no connection to the plot but was all about showing off the film’s cast. That’s how things were in the 80s and looks like not much has changed. In Top Gun: Maverick trailer, we get a glimpse of the volleyball scene on the beach.

5. “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”

In the original movie, the scene where the boys get together at a bar and break into the song “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” is quite memorable. In the latest trailer, we see a shot of Miles Teller singing at a bar with a few new recruits. Since Teller plays Goose’s son, it’ll be a perfect callback if they break into the same song this time as well.

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