Films based on Kerala cyanide murders in the offing

Actor Dini Daniel posted a poster of the film on Facebook which is based on the Koodathayi murders.

The serial murders of six members of a family in Kerala’s Kozhikode district, allegedly committed by a woman of the same family over a period of 14 years is likely to find a reflection on the silver screen. The Kerala Police is currently investigating the sensational murders that took place in the Ponnamattom family in Koodathai village. Jolly Joseph (45), a member of the family and the prime accused in the case, allegedly killed her husband, his parents and three others members of the extended family using hydrogen cyanide, police claim.

Even as the probe continues into the murders, two Malayalam films, based on the same murder plot, are said to be in the planning stage. Antony Perumbavoor, a prominent producer, told the Malayala Manorama newspaper that he plans to finance a film based on the Koodathai murders with actor Mohanlal in the lead playing the investigating officer. Filming is likely to begin in February though details of the director, screenplay writer and supporting cast are still patchy. Reports indicate a separate murder film was being planned with Mohanlal in the lead, but the story of that movie has been changed to be based on the Koodathayi murder as the latter has developed a lot of traction among the public. Perumbavoor did not respond to calls for comment.

At the same time, actress Dini Daniel posted on Facebook a poster of the film she was planning to act in based on the Koodathayi murders. She said the film officially took off on Tuesday (Oct 8) and would be directed by Ronex Philip and produced by Alex Jacob.

Daniel herself was planning to play the role of the alleged murderer Jolly Jacob. She wrote on Facebook that she was shocked when she heard of Perumbavoor producing a film with Mohanlal in the lead premised on the same murders.

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