‘Game of Thrones’ Fans Think Dany Actually Survived That Last Episode Because of This Detail

As you’ve probably realized by now, people are not too happy with the way Game of Thrones ended. So much so that they’re out here making up fan theories to make themselves feel better about their faves dying onscreen. That’s where a new theory comes into play, suggesting Dany is still alive.

More spoilers ahead! If you haven’t watched the last episode of Thrones and you’ve somehow avoided knowing the ending until now, IDK how the hell you did it, but get out of this post!

A select few humans on Twitter have this idea that Drogon actually carried Dany off to be resurrected or something. Remember back in season 6 when Tyrion and Varys called on the High Red Priestess from Volantis, Kinvara, to spread the word that Dany was the One That Was Promised? No? Here’s the clip, just in case:

Basically, people on the internet think the dragon actually brought Dany to this woman so she could bring Daenerys back to life, just like Melisandre did with Jon Snow. I’ll let them explain:

“Drogon took Dany to Kinvara, who resurrected her, and now she’s living a peaceful life in Essos in a house with a red door and a lemon tree outside her window <3,” one person wrote on Twitter. Another wrote, “Daenerys has been resurrected by Kinvara and will be living the rest of her days in Essos with Drogon, at the house with the red door and the lemon tree #GameOfThrones.”

So like… where are these people getting this? Apparently, the biggest clue was one small comment Samwell Tarly made at the end of the finale. He said someone spotted Drogon flying east toward Volantis, which is theoretically where Kinvara would be camped out.

Other than that, it seems like people are just desperate for a happy ending for Dany, which is understandable.

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