Hero Drops Idea Of Roping In Allari Naresh

A couple of days ago there is news everywhere that hero Allari Naresh whose supporting role in Maharshi won has won lots of acclaims, is all set to play another such role, this time in Raviteja’s upcoming Disco Raja movie. But it looks like the move is not happening.

Apparently, Raviteja is said to be in two thoughts regarding roping in Naresh, as he feels that they have already worked together in Sambo Siva Sambo and their combination will not create any excitement. At the same time, people might feel that Ravi might have roped in Naresh to get some lucky charm, as most of Mass Raja’s films these days are duds. With all these things in mind, we hear that finally, Disco Raja team has decided to not go with Naresh.

Earlier the same role was offered to Sunil and we have to see if this comedian will continue in it or Disco team will bring another struggling hero to do it. Directed by VI Anand, the film features Payal Rajput and Nabha Natesh as the leading ladies.

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