‘I am third wave’: Comedian Rohan Joshi tests positive for coronavirus

Rohan Joshi shared on social media his Covid-19 diagnosis and said he has no symptoms.

Stand-up comedian Rohan Joshi on Monday said he has tested positive for Covid-19 and has been asymptomatic so far. The comedian shared on Instagram that he learnt about his diagnosis after he got an RT PCR test done for a work commitment.

Hi friends I am third wave. Pls fuss over me unnecessarily at once thanks. No symptoms so far, tested for a work thing and found out that way. Have informed anyone I was in contact with since my last RT PCR, etc etc. I can taste and smell things so far, and blood ox readings are usual only,” Joshi wrote alongside a photo of himself holding an oximeter in his hand, displaying his oxygen levels.




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Rohan Joshi also shared his diagnosis on Instagram stories and said that his work commitment was supposed to take place on Tuesday but now he will stay at home and get re-tested for Covid-19 in a few days.

“I am feeling 100 percent, no symptoms I recognise. I am just going to retest at some point and stay off my feet for as long as I have to, and watch lots of TV with my fingers crossed,” Joshi wrote on his Instagram story.

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