I prefer quality over quantity: Ravi Jadhav

Director Ravi Jadhav studied at Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai, and then went on to make ad films. The Timepass 2 (2015) director believes that these two important aspects in his life have shaped the professional in him. Last year, his film Nude went on to win accolades for its realistic approach and portrayal, and this year, his film Rampaat is gaining appreciation for being a fun ride, and a crazy filmi story.

Ravi believes that while most work really hard to create an image for themselves by making similar genre films, he on the other hand, works hard to break away from his previous images. He says, “I enjoy contrast cinema. Nude belonged to a different world and was slow in pace as well as soothing. Rampaat, on the other hand, is fast and on another pace altogether.”

He adds that he enjoys doing a mix of cinema through the year because at the end of it all, cinema is his hobby and passion. “I am okay with making just one film a year, as I prefer quality over quantity. Film-making is a creative field, and you cannot keep churning ideas out constantly. You have to give it time and treat it with immense love,” he explains.

Ravi shares that his art school training and upbringing as an artist is what helped him make a film like Nude. And, his passion for ad film making gets him excited about something like Rampaat. He says, “I’m not dependent on the film industry, it is a hobby for me. So, I want to enjoy the process instead of just treating it as work.”

First Published:
May 21, 2019 16:24 IST

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