Imran Khan’s father-in-law: ‘His personal decision to leave acting, my daughter wanted him to pursue it’

Imran Khan’s father-in-law Ranjev Malik has confirmed that the actor has quit acting, and may pursue direction in the future. A few days ago, Imran’s friend, actor Akshay Oberoi had revealed that he had left acting. Imran’s last release was 2015’s Katti Batti with Kangana Ranaut.

Ranjev said it was Imran’s decision to give up acting. “Honestly, it’s Imran’s personal decision and it’s not my domain either. But yes, Imran was always inclined towards direction right from the days he went to a film school. Well, he’s working on it and will make it happen.”

Talking to The Times of India, he also said his daughter Avantika wanted him to focus on acting because “Imran was doing well.” Akshay had earlier told Navbharat Times, “My best friend in Bollywood is Imran Khan, who is no longer an actor because he has quit acting. Imran is my closest friend, whom I can get up at 4 am and call. Me and Imran have been with each other for almost 18 years, we studied acting together at Kishore Acting School in Andheri West. Imran Khan has left acting at the moment. As far as I know, there is a better writer and director inside Imran, I do not know when he will direct his film himself, I am not going to put any pressure, but as a friend, I think he will direct his film soon. Also, when Imran directs, I know he will make a wonderful film because his sensibility and understanding of cinema is very high.”

When asked if Imran and Avantika, who have been estranged for a year now, will patch up and be together again, Ranjev expressed a similar sentiment that it is ‘their personal decision’.

Imran and Avantika had separated in 2019. While they have been tightlipped about it, her mother Vandana had rubbished the reports. Speaking to, she had said: “We all read the news and let me tell you that there’s no such thing. There are some differences, which will be sorted anyway.” Asked if divorce was on cards, Vandana said, “Absolutely not.” Imran and Avantika got married in 2011 and have a daughter Imara together.

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