Katrina’s SINGLE CONDITION For Marriage

Now that the confetti has settled down over the wedding ceremonies, it can be revealed that Katrina Kaif had a pre-condition before agreeing to Vicky Kaushal’s marriage proposal.

“It was all so sudden… their meeting, courtship, romance, marriage. Vicky Kaushal decided with two months of their relationship that she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with. Katrina was less sure. She was still hurting from the wounds of her previous break-up. She liked Vicky, but she needed time,” a friend of Katrina’s tells Subhash K Jha.

Vicky was relentless.

“He pursued her until she said yes to marriage. But she put forward one precondition. He had to give her family, her mother and siblings, the same love and respect he gives her,” reveals the friend.

It makes Katrina the happiest to see Vicky get along like a house on fire with her siblings.

“Before the wedding, they hadn’t even met Vicky Kaushal,” says the friend. “Now, it’s like they’ve known him all their life.”

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