Legion's Professor Xavier builds Cerebro in final season teaser

Legion‘s third and final season brings the story of David Haller, the immensely power psychic mutant, to a close by showing where his story began.

Game of Thrones alum Harry Lloyd debuts as Professor Charles Xavier in the next installment of episodes from the FX comic book-based drama, and he now gets the spotlight in Entertainment Weekly‘s exclusive teaser. After all, as David says, “I had a dad. He was probably a mutant, like me.”

The new footage sees Xavier tinkering away at Cerebro, the mechanism he uses to enhance his telepathic powers. This version, as Lloyd previously told EW, still comes with his hair intact. Per an earlier teaser, it looks like he’s not wheelchair bound either.

As portrayed on the big screen by Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy, Professor X is the leader of the X-Men team of mutant superheroes in Marvel Comics. With his superhuman mental prowess, he once battled with the Shadow King, which was teased in previous Legion seasons and teased again in this new video.

“This monster was his enemy,” David says of Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban). “Somehow the monster was watching and he found me, and like a haunted house he possessed me. Why?” That’s one of the questions we hope to be answered in the final season. Yet with the new cult setting and time-travel elements, it’s worth reminding ourselves that David is no longer the hero we once thought him to be.

Legion season 3 also comes with Stephanie Corneliussen (Mr. Robot) as David’s mother, Gabrielle. Much like the psychedelic story itself, the hows and whys of David’s parents’ being added to show is difficult to piece together. Although we do know David, on top of being the mutant Charles Manson, now has a time traveler at his disposal. Popping back in time meet with his pops just became a possibility.

Legion will premiere its final season on FX on Monday, June 24.

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