Money Heist 5 teaser: The Professor as hostage to Linkin Park’s In The End, top 5 moments of the video

Money Heist Season 5 teaser is full of adrenaline-pumping moments, enough to leave fans asking for more.

The finale of Money Heist is fast approaching. Netflix on Monday announced that Money Heist Season 5 will be released in two installments of five episodes each. While Volume 1 will debut on September 3, Volume 2 will arrive on December 3. The release date announcement was accompanied by an explosive teaser which left fans wanting more.

The teaser is all about a gun battle, and the gang’s unity against a bigger enemy this time. It focuses on every gang member inside the Royal Mint of Spain. Going by the trailer, Lisbon has been rescued, The Professor is trapped, and the robbers are on their own, but they refuse to give in.

Before we reveal more details about Money Heist in the coming days, we take a look back at the teaser and pick the five best moments. In Tokyo’s words, “The most important moments are those when we understand there’s no return. There’s no way back.”

Broken Dali mask

The teaser’s first shot is of a foot crushing the Dali mask which the gang wears to hide their identity. This boot belongs to the army that has now been deployed to ensure the surrender of the robbers. And the army coming into the picture only means that things have gone way beyond the robbery. It is war now. Will the force be able to crush the gang’s spirit?

Lisbon’s tear

Seeing Lisbon shed a tear has turned into an emotional moment for fans. Social media is flooded with the photo as everyone is connecting with the pain of the former cop, who has sacrificed a lot for her family and love.

The Professor is helpless

If you manage to take note of a blink-and-you-miss shot of hands tied to the chair, you’ll know that The Professor has been overpowered and held hostage by Alicia Sierra. Now that the mastermind is tied up and helpless, how will the gang function inside the Royal Mint?

“In the end”

The makers of Money Heist ditched its popular theme song “Bella Ciao” and opted for Linkin Park’s “In The End” as the background score for the teaser. And one can say, this track is only heightening the excitement. The lyrics of the song suits the plot: “I tried so hard and got so far. But in the end, it doesn’t even matter.” Have they picked an English song because the show has gone global?

Gang is united

The entire gang joining forces, in an ‘Avengers assemble’ like moment, against the army is the most striking moment of the teaser. It is heart-thumping and leaves us with an adrenaline rush. Who all will survive?

The ten-episode Money Heist Season 5 will have Álvaro Morte, Úrsula Corberó, Pedro Alonso, Itziar Ituño, Najwa Nimri, Jaime Lorente, Miguel Herrán, Esther Acebo, Rodrigo de la Serna, Darko Perić and Hovik Keuchkerian among others reprising their roles from previous seasons.

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