Money Heist 5: The Professor and Berlin discuss how ‘absolutely undesirable’ Arturo brings wicked comedy. Watch

Actors Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso, who play onscreen brothers The Professor and Berlin hinted that Money Heist season 5 will affect the "emotional stability" of its viewers in equal measures.

Money Heist stars Alvaro Morte and Pedro Alonso, who play The Professor and Berlin respectively, took on some interesting fan tweets in the latest video shared by Netflix and La Casa De Papel’s social media handles. The onscreen brothers acknowledged the global fandom of the Spanish crime-drama and also hinted that its upcoming season five will affect the “emotional stability” of the viewers.

“I don’t think you will regain a lot of emotional stability, because it comes loaded with many things, ” Alvaro said in the video when a user confessed that they got emotionally affected after watching its previous four seasons. Pedro revealed an instance where a real security guard confronted the “impossible” heist concept of the show.

Alvaro shared his take on why his voice was an important aspect of his character too. He said, “The only thing The Professor had, to make the inspector fall in love with him, beyond all concepts, was the voice. You had to have a mellow voice, a bit interesting…” Pedro was quick to add, “Well, that’s how we made it work. My mother likes your voice.”

The Professor aka Sergio deals with the chief negotiator inspector Raquel Murillo in the first two seasons, ensuring that the cop falls for his voice. Raquel and Sergio’s romance and her switching sides is one of the major plot points of the first heist at the Royal Mint of Spain.

In the video, Alvaro and Pedro also discuss about the “absolutely undesirable” character in the show. And no points for guessing, they talk about the least favourite Arturo and laud actor Enrique Arce’s performance. Alvaro said, “but precisely because of that thing, so horrible, so disgusting that the character of Arturo has, but it is very difficult to do that (sic)”, to which Pedro added “and to play the key in that tone, because in the end, there is some kind of wicked comedy all the time (sic).”

Money Heist‘s fifth and final season will premiere its part one on September 3.

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