Money Heist: Netflix releases ‘Berlin Forever’ video leaving fans emotional

In a video shared by Netflix, Money Heist fans from across the globe revisited Berlin's character graph. Berlin was played by Pedro Alonso in the web series.

Berlin was introduced to us as the most arrogant character in Money Heist. His self-centered ways had him clashing with Tokyo and Nairobi more than once. But by the end of the first robbery, what Berlin did for his gang made him one of the most loved characters.

Netflix recently released a video of Money Heist fans from across the globe revisiting Berlin’s character graph.

Spoilers ahead

Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, is the elder brother of The Professor and the second-in-command of the robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain. Despite being a charmer, he is a sociopath. But it is slowly revealed that Berlin is also terminally ill. So, when he decides to sacrifice his life to save his fellow heist members, you cannot help but shed tears.

In the video titled Berlin Forever – One Story Away, fans from countries like France, Canada, South Korea, USA, UAE, Italy, South Africa, Japan and others share how they reacted to Berlin’s last moments and his tragic death. While some said you need a man like Berlin in a team made of bank robbers, others said, “Berlin is trying to find himself even in his afterlife.” The video ends with fans singing the show’s theme song “Bella Ciao”.

At the end of season two, the gang, with the stolen money, tries to escape the Royal Mint of Spain through the tunnel they had created. After escorting all the members, Berlin realised he has to stay back to stop the cops from getting into the tunnel. Though The Professor kept pleading him to flee, Berlin asked Helsinki to blow up the tunnel. He chose to put himself in the firing line during the stand-off with the cops, and ultimately gave up his life.

Berlín, también conocido como Andrés de Fonollosa. Cantante ocasional. 🔥 Este video es un homenaje al corazón de este equipo. Del que formáis parte todos los que estáis ahí ahora mismo, dándonos la mano y con el corazón en un puño. Viva la resistencia. Berlín, also known as Andrés de Fonollosa. 🔥🔥🔥❤️🙏🏻 Occasional singer. This video is a tribute to the heart of this team. A team all of you who are part of, holding hands and with your hearts on your fists. Vive la resistance.

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Berlin might have died in Money Heist season two, but the audience adulation forced the makers to bring him back in the subsequent seasons in flashbacks.

Pedro Alonso is currently shooting for the fifth and final season of Money Heist, that is expected to premiere on Netflix next year.

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