Nobin Paul: It has been fun working in the Kannada film industry

The music director says the song he composed for ‘777 Charlie’ was three years in the making and has been composed in five languages

The song “Torture”, composed by Nobin Paul was released on September 9. Composed for Kiran Raj’s Kannada film 777 Charlie starring Rakshit Shetty, the song was launched Paramvah Studio’s YouTube channel. Nobin, who started his career by composing music for jingles and documentary films,

has worked extensively in the Tamil and Malayalam film industry. “Though I have assisted and arranged music, and done a few background scores for Tamil and Malayalam films, all my major independent releases are in the Kannada film industry,” says Nobin.

He has composed the background music for the critically acclaimed Rama Rama Re besides working in films such as Shuddhi, Devakai and Ondalla Yeradalla.

Nobin says Kiran approached him to compose the music for 777 Charlie almost three years ago. “He was very clear on what he wanted. The song was titled ‘Torture’ way before either the lyrics were written or the music composed. Kiran wanted a cat-and-mouse/ Tom-and-Jerry feel to the song. ‘Torture’ has many comical and folk elements.”

The song has been composed in five Indian languages according to Nobin. Five singers — Vijay Prakash (Kannada), Swaroop Khan (Hindi), Jassie Gift (Malayalam), Gana Balachandar (Tamil) and Ram Miriyala (Telugu), have lent their voices. “Apart from these lead singers, we also have eight children singing. Each song has original lyrics in their respective language, music and regional flavour. It is not dubbed.”

Nobin says Vasuki Vaibhav roped him in to do the background score for Rama Rama Re. He believes that composing music for Kannada films is a breeze. “Music has a universal language without boundaries. The only challenge I face is when nativity of the language has to come to the fore. I felt the need to work harder in such circumstances.Kiran gave me the freedom to create what I wanted for 777 Charlie.

Stating that he was not very good in academics, Nobin says, “I was enthralled with musical notes. My father was aghast when I told him I wanted to pursue music. My family is happy now. Born into a Christian family, I was introduced to choirs and church music very early in life. I got involved as a hobby and it soon grew into a passion. I have not looked back ever since.”

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