Pa. Ranjith calls out Rolling Stone for excluding Arivu from its cover

Arivu wrote Enjoy Enjaami in addition to singing it along with Dhee. He also had co-written Neeye oli, along with Shan.

Filmmaker Pa. Ranjith criticised Rolling Stone India magazine and music platform Maajja for failing to credit lyricist, rapper and singer Arivu in its latest cover story for the songs Enjoy Enjaami and Neeye oli. The magazine interviewed singers Dhee and Shan Vincent de Paul and featured them on its August cover but failed to credit Arivu, lyricist of Enjoy Enjaami and co-lyricist of Neeye oli, who is known for his strong anti-caste lyrics. He was not featured on the cover also.

“@TherukuralArivu , the lyricist of #Neeyaoli and singer as well as lyricist of #enjoyenjami has once again been invisiblised. @RollingStoneIN and @joinmaajja is it so difficult to understand that the lyrics of both songs challenges this erasure of public acknowledgement? (sic),” Ranjith, the director Sarpatta Parambarai, wrote on Twitter.

Rolling Stone India discussed the growing popularity of independent artists such as Dhee and Shan Vincent de Paul in the piece, and how composer AR Rahman’s digital music platform Maajja is helping them reach across the world. The story was done in the light of the global success of Enjoy Enjaami and Neeye oli. While the magazine honoured singers Dhee and Shan by putting them on the cover, it seems to have undermined Arivu’s contribution to the success of these songs.

Ranjith’s tweet has brought attention to the matter as many have questioned the rationale behind omitting Arivu from the cover. “If the @TherukuralArivu erasure wasn’t a deliberate & blatant move, Dhee, @Music_Santhosh & @arrahman should speak up, otherwise it will go down as a historical injustice.These are people we believe are on the right side of the good fight,I really hope they do the right thing. (sic),” wrote filmmaker CS Amudhan, reacting to the matter.

While Enjoy Enjaami has more than 300 million viewers, Neeye oli, which was also featured on the recently released film Sarpatta Parambarai, has over 2 million views on the Maajja YouTube channel.

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