Popcorn Time, the ‘Netflix of piracy’ is back during the coronavirus outbreak

The streaming app hosts just-released movies, TV shows and anime, that users can watch free of charge

People across the world are staying in, self-isolating, social distancing or in self-quarantine as the coronavirus pandemic spreads all over: so what do they do at home? Binge-watch, of course! The likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime and other OTT platforms have been getting a lot of new users in the past few weeks, as people working from home or those in isolation use the time to catch up on their favourite shows or discover new ones.

But what about those that can’t afford paying the subscription fee to these platforms?

Newly emerging like a phoenix from the ashes, Popcorn Time has the answers. Known previously as the Netflix of piracy, the platform is available to download Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android, and hosts a range of just-released films like Frozen 2 or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, or TV shows and anime, though not legally. However, its become one of the most-visited sites on the Internet over the last few days, thanks to its easy-to-use interface and verified streaming links, reports Motherboard.

“Love in the Time of Corona Version 0.4 is out,” tweeted the Popcorn Time Twitter account, announcing their return.

Users don’t have to download the movies or install a tracker. The streaming app became popular in 2014 for people who wanted to access films that were still running in theaters. However, it faced court orders and IP blocks, leaving to its eventual demise.

This time around, with it proving to be a boon for those in quarantine, it remains to be seen how long Popcorn Time will stick around.

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