Priyanka Upendra is back in action

The Bengali beauty will be seen as a tough cop in ‘Teekshana’ and ‘Ugravataar’

Priyanka Upendra, who started her career in Hindi films such as Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao and Sautela, shifted to Bengaluru, when the Kannada film industry welcomed the Bengali with open arms. The actor was was seen romancing some of the top heroes on screen in blockbusters such as Kotigibba , H2O and Uppi 2. She has acted in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali films before cinema took a back seat when she focused on marriage and motherhood.

In 2018, we saw Priyanka return to the screen in a new avatar in Second Half directed by Yogi Devegange. She played a woman constable in the film and the actor went on screen with minimum make-up. Though the film did not fare well at the box office, Priyanka’s interest in exploring different roles paid off as she was wooed by debutante directors who approached her for genres such as horror (Mummy) and thrillers, like Devaki, where she shares the screen with actor Kishore. She will next be seen in Ugravatara, where she plays a cop and even does her own stunts.

Priyanka talks to MetroPlus about cinema, roles for women, health, heart and more.

Edited excerpts:

You are a part of Teekshana, where you play a cop again and a government teacher in Miss Nandini… Yes. The first leg of shooting for Miss Nandini and Teekshana are done. Teekshana is an action film like Ugravataar, which is ready for release. I am now training for Teekshana as it will feature stylised action and requires me to be fit, so I am getting in shape for that.

Earlier you were flooded with glamorous roles. Off late we see you exploring other genres. How does it feel?

It is great to experiment with different genres. And at the same time, I also get anxious about whether I will be able to pull it off. It is only when you get roles like this that you get a chance to pull up your socks and get your act together. Ugravataar made me get into muscle training as it required me to be fit, you will see me on ropes, fighting off the bad guys. It was a challenge and I am excited as this is the first time I am fighting on screen. I wanted to make sure I did a good job.

What do you feel about workouts? Specially after the sudden death of Puneeth Rajkumar?

That was such a shock. Appu’s death was wrongly attributed to overdoing his workouts. It is sad that he, who was an ambassador for good heart health, died because of a a clot in his heart, which he was unaware of.

I follow a simple health regimen. I eat fruits, vegetables with an ample intake of almonds. It is best to choose an exercise that suits our stamina and body type. We should also avoid stress. The last two years have taught us that nothing is more important than good health. In fact, the pandemic has made us re-think the quality of life we lead.

Do you feel actresses are getting more work these days?

I am happy that new-age cinema has roles and stories for women my age. It is exciting that we have more to do on screen now than just be there for glamour and let the hero do most of the work in the film. I think OTT has changed everything and also the mindsets of women have also changed. They are coming out and are open to exploring roles on screen. The thing about women giving up films after marriage is a passé. It is not like your career has to end just because you are married. If you are fit and look the part, why not?

Will we be seeing you act in Hindi films again?

Right now I am a part of a Bengali film Master Anshuman, directed by Sagnik Chatterjee. He won the National Award for a documentary he made on the legendary director Satyajit Ray. I feel honoured to be a part of this film. Besides, this, we are also shooting for the Tamil film, St Mark’s Road. Being fluent in many languages also helps and I am open to experimenting.

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