Ranveer Singh reveals his ‘big picture’: ‘My wife Deepika Padukone and our kids playing around’

At the press launch of The Big Picture, Ranveer Singh spoke about wife Deepika Padukone's reaction to his TV debut, tips she gave him, and his life's 'big picture'.

Ranveer Singh is all set to make his television debut with The Big Picture, which is set to launch on Colors on October 16. On Wednesday, the actor hosted the media on the show’s set, where he gave a glimpse of the game show and also answered a few questions.

The Bajirao Mastani actor also did not shy away from sharing personal anecdotes. While playing a round of The Big Picture with a few reporters, a picture of a mouse got him to reveal his relationship with his lady love.

“Meri gharwali saamne aati hai, mein yeh ban jaata hoon (I become like a mouse when my wife comes in front of me). Otherwise, I am a leopard on set, but this is my reality at home,” he quipped.




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While answering indianexpress.com’s question on how he would paint his life’s ‘big picture’, Ranveer blushed as he replied after a long pause, “Woah! I would want a lovely house where my wife, my kids and my family are around, playing around joyfully. Everyone is happy and healthy. I don’t know what else to ask other than that I am able to entertain till my last day. This is my life’s big picture.” He also joked that if his show manages to be a hit, he will also buy a farmhouse like the show’s co-producer Salman Khan.

The Gully Boy actor further spoke about the game show and shared that he has been working hard for it. While he has been doing his homework well, he revealed that his wife too has given him some tips which he is trying to follow. “Deepika always has constructive criticism for me, which I take very positively. I showed her my mock sessions. She gave me some tips and raised some very good points. I noted those points and imbibed them. I am really grateful that I have a sharp wife as a partner, who enhances my work through her constructive criticism,” he shared.


Ranveer Singh said that the couple always discusses each other’s projects. He said, “We often discuss each other’s work. I am really grateful that I have such a great insight into the arts, the performance, and all these things. Deepika has given me some tips and I am working on them. And, hopefully, with her love and support, I will be able to impress everyone.”

Co-produced by SKTV and Banijay Asia, The Big Picture will air on Colors, weekend at 8 pm.

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