Ravi Dubey-Sargun Mehta on lockdown: Stay motivated and positive

TV stars Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta on self-isolation, being active on social media and more.

Popular television actors Ravi Dubey and wife Sargun Mehta recently interacted with fans during a Facebook Live from The Indian Express page.

Dubey started his conversation by asking people to stay at home and follow all the precautionary measures. “We have got to be very responsible. Also, one has to look at the bright side right now. You have got the chance to spend time with your family. Yes, we do feel sorry for people who are staying alone. We can send them prayers and engage with them as much as we can. It’s a difficult time for them as they don’t know when are they going to see their family again,” said the actor, adding that he and his wife have decided to be more active on social media.

As readers would know, the couple enjoys travelling. When asked if the inability to travel is making staying at home difficult for them, Ravi Dubey said, “We love travelling but that doesn’t mean we don’t like being at home. We are trying to pick up new hobbies. We are reading a lot, and then there are so many shows available on the internet. One of my shows Jamai 2.0 is also streaming, so do watch that.”

Sharing that the lockdown is just one part of our battle, the 36-year-old said, “Right now apart from social distancing, a social and civic responsibility is also must. I know it’s difficult to stay at home the entire time but do take all precautions. Right now, our irresponsible behaviour can create trouble not just for us but also for people around us.”

When a fan asked if he is also facing a salary cut, the actor said, “We are more like freelancers, and right now we are not even getting salaries (laughs). We are all in the same boat. With work being put on hold, the industry will see a massive slowdown for everyone. I think the priority right now is also to give a thought towards the daily wage earners.”

Ravi Dubey went on to add that at this point, nobody is thinking about professional insecurity. “Right now our basic survival is our primary concern. Every human being right now only wants to be safe.”

His wife Sargun Mehta also joined the chat and shared, “This is like a natural calamity where no one is to be blamed. And only you can help yourself at this moment. Stay at home, and stay safe. That’s the only thing we need to do. Also, it does gets difficult to be active while staying indoors but to have strong immunity, you need to be fit. So try doing some basic workout by watching videos online. I have also decided to learn dancing online. I will also go live with my fans, so they too can pick up the moves. Also, keep meditating and praying as much as you can.”




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When we asked what are the five things that the couple does together, Ravi and Sargun shared, “We love watching films and shows together. We also have similar taste when it comes to books. There have been times when we have picked the same book to read at the same time. We also have champagne and wine together. We love travelling together, and to make up for it, we now travel together from one room to another.”

The couple also emphasised that one has to keep positive thoughts and to not get overwhelmed by the current situation. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going,” echoed Ravi and Sargun together.

On the live video, Ravi Dubey was also asked about ways to stay positive given there’s no social interaction. “I think it’s an illusion that one needs to meet physically for an interaction. I recently was on a video conference with my school friends. We had a couple of drinks together, and it was so much fun. It could have been tough if such a situation came few years back. Today, we have the technology where we can listen and see our loved ones even when we can’t meet them personally. And that’s a big reason to be grateful.”

He added, “I think the more grateful we are, sooner these problems will evaporate. I really believe that challenges are inevitable, however, suffering is optional. So stay motivated and positive.”



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Giving a quick glimpse of his house, the Jamai Raja actor also shared some of his favourites from his huge book collection. “The New Human Revolution, A Youthful Diary is something that I have been reading recently. The book that has been instrumental in changing me is Synchrony which talks about oneness. Also, reading 50 Greatest Speeches of the World will make you want to peek into the minds of these personalities.”

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