Riteish Deshmukh responds to troll telling him to ‘focus on his wife Genelia’: ‘You focus on your wife, not mine’

Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia laughed through trolls' comments on the latest episode of Pinch, and said that they really don't take most of it seriously.

Actors Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia were the guests on the latest episode of Pinch, hosted by Arbaaz Khan. The popular Bollywood couple laughed through trolls’ comments, and said that they don’t take most of it seriously. Arbaaz brought up the famous viral video with Preity Zinta, the couple’s fashion game that has attracted much flak from fans, and other hurtful personal comments.

Arbaaz brought up the video with Preity Zinta, which was taken at an award show. In the video, Riteish is seen graciously kissing Preity’s hands, while Genelia is supposedly looking daggers at him. The video went viral and even Genelia made a fun reel to share on her Instagram account. Speaking about it, she said, “The real story was, I was at an award show and I really dressed up, and I wore high heels. But I was meeting many people, and my feet were killing me. Unfortunately the cameraman was focussed on me.” Arbaaz intervened to say that Riteish was focussed on Preity.



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The couple decided that as the video was going viral, they decided to give it their own twist. Their motto: To defuse such situations with humour.

Arbaaz read out some comments that followers have left. One troll told Genelia to ‘hit him with a slipper’. Riteish responded, “Jhadoo ne kya bura kiya (why can’t she choose a broom)?” Another troll wrote, “Totally his fault. He should focus on his wife more.” Riteish laughed and said, “You focus on your wife, not on mine.” Arbaaz complimented the couple, saying that it was pleasant to see hints of possessiveness and jealousy after years. Genelia argued that Riteish wasn’t possessive at all.

Following this, Riteish and Genelia fielded comments on their fashion sense. One such instance, was Genelia’s saree, which she wore to Arbaaz Khan’s sister Arpita’s house, something that Riteish pointed out as Arbaaz read out the comment. “I want to tell you, that we wore these clothes to Arpita’s house for Ganesh Chaturthi.”

After hearing all the mean comments, Genelia said that she wasn’t a stylist, she’s just the designer’s model and she wears clothes to the best of her abilities. Riteish interjected and said, “I just want to say that Salma aunty loved the outfit, and kept asking who designed it.” Arbaaz responded, “Okay good, she has good taste.” Riteish laughed over comments regarding his hairstyle, where one fan said that it ‘took them 30 seconds to understand his hairstyle’. Riteish answered, “It took you 30 seconds, but it took me 5 hours and I still don’t know why I did it.” Another told him to be human, and not a squirrel. Riteish and Genelia appreciated their creativity.

One troll asked Genelia why she ‘can’t be normal’, as her hyper-ness and bubbly behaviour appears like a facade. She said, “I am not pretending. I am hyper, and a little bit jumpy and bubbly and I think you like that about me.”

On their motto regarding social media, Riteish said that it was alright for people to comment, as they are putting themselves out there. However, he said that people should just stick to the person, rather than discussing the family. “So I just say, love you too my friend,” Riteish said.

Towards the end of the show, while joking about the possible autobiography name, Riteish revealed that he was referred to as Genelia’s husband down South, and that made him very proud. When someone asked him, “You, Genelia’s husband?” He said, “Yes. In Maharashtra, she, Riteish’s wife.” The person answered, “She’s Riteish’s wife only in one state. You are Genelia’s husband in Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Karnataka and Kerala. I am extremely proud to be her husband, the kind of achievement and love she has, why do they look at me with so much love? Not because I have done something great or I am Riteish, but because I have married their Genelia.”

Pinch airs on Zee 5.

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