#RRR: Rajamouli Feeling Pressure?

Prabhas perfectly understood the kind of movies he has to choose after gaining nationwide fame with the mammoth success of Baahubali. His upcoming film ‘Saaho’ is being keenly anticipated by his fans across India, and after the trailer’s release, the expectations have shot up to the sky.

Fans and industry people who are left in awe are openly praising Saaho’s trailer. However, Prabhas’ close friend Rajamouli is yet to respond on Saaho’s trailer. Apparently, Rajamouli has personally spoken to Prabhas and appreciated the trailer. But he is yet to tweet about it and let the world know.

Usually, Rajamouli enthusiastically tweets about any film or trailers and teasers that impress him. Naturally, his silence on Saaho’s trailer is leading to several speculations. Of late, Rajamouli has been very inactive on social media.

Rajamouli never showed any signs of pressure during the 5 year long making of Baahubali. But with RRR, many things are not going as per his plans. Both his heroes, NTR and Ram Charan, were injured and even the female lead opposite NTR has not been finalised yet.

These circumstances have led to speculations that Rajamouli must be feeling that he has made a wrong move with RRR, especially after the landmark success of Baahubali. Some even opine that Rajamouli is wantedly maintaining a strategic silence only to keep the humongous expectations on RRR under control.

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