Shilpa Shetty drops video of her children Samisha and Viaan as they celebrate Brother’s Day. Watch

Shilpa Shetty treated her fans to a cute video featuring her children Samisha and Viaan.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra posted a video on Instagram, which is sure a treat for her fans. The video features Shilpa’s kids Samisha and Viaan who are having a sweet little conversation. In the clip, Viaan is heard talking to Samisha and he is faking a British accent during the conversation. “Yes madam, what to you want here? I don’t know you,” says Viaan, who is enjoying coconut water, to sister Samisha who is trying to pull the straw to her side. Finally, after realising that Samisha is not giving up, Viaan finds out a way to give her a taste of the coconut water. Viaan’s efforts win over Shilpa, who is heard saying “Aww” as the video comes to an end.



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Shilpa, who enjoyed the little chat between the siblings, dropped the video with a caption that read, “Having a younger sibling somehow makes the older one responsible, protective, mature, and even territorial (I would know!??) I’ve had Rakhi brothers much later in life, but Samisha is lucky to have a real one. To see these visuals just makes my heart melt. Priceless! Happy Brother’s Day.”

Shamita Shetty, Neelam Kothari Soni, Sabbir Khan, Tahira Kashyap and Shaira Ahmed Khan were all hearts for the adorable video.

Shilpa’s latest video comes after the actor celebrated 9th birthday of Viaan. The family welcomed a new member, Truffle. “Viaans been begging for another pet. and I promised him ,would get him one when he’d turn 10 and can look after it. He’s earned it a year earlier , been such a good boy . Happy birthday my darling,” Shilpa shared.

Shilpa’s family, including Viaan, Raj Kundra, and her in-laws, were tested positive for coronavirus. They all healed under home quarantine. A week ago, Shilpa asked her fans to make sure that they are looking after themselves too while working endlessly for the wellbeing of their family members.

“To be able to stay united and help each other, we need to be gentle with ourselves. Prioritise what needs and deserves your attention before everything else. Please don’t neglect your health, your food, your sleep, or even your water intake. When you feel everything around you is overwhelming; straighten your back, release your tongue hitting the roof of your mouth, and loosen your shoulders. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. You can ensure everyone around you is okay only when you are okay,” she wrote.

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