Sonu Sood’s tips to beat COVID-19

Actor-philanthropist Sonu Sood, who is currently in quarantine after being detected with COVID-19, says he is in a terrific frame of mind.

Sharing the mantra for beating the dreaded disease, he says, “I’d like to tell everyone that you have to look after yourself if you are Covid positive like I am. Because no on else can take care of you. This is the most frightening thing about Covid. It isolates you completely.”

So how does one go through this tough phase?

“To really conquer Covid, you have to remain self-motivated for as long as you are in quarantine.

“You have to remain super-charged and never allow yourself to feel low at any point.

“Focus on getting over Covid and, while that happens, do as much work as you can from home.”

Sonu says he has never felt more motivated.

“While I am isolated, I am working harder than I was earlier. I am constantly on the phone monitoring all my projects and ensuring my vaccine campaign doesn’t lose momentum.”

Sonu is also making certain that all possible help is being provided to COVID victims while he is off the road.

“Whether it is oxygen or hospital beds, I am ensuring these basic needs are looked into.

“I could spend my time alone watching films and sleeping. And I see nothing wrong with that.

“Do what makes you happy.

“I am happy staying connected with those who need my help.”

Final words of advice?

“I’d like to tell everyone to take the medicines if infected and to take all precautions. But, above all, stay motivated during the period of isolation. It will help you recover faster.”

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