Sunny Leone Demands Bound Script From Telugu Maker

One of the popular sirens that demand more money just for the kind of craze she enjoys among fans is none other than Sunny Leone. And this former adult star has also done a couple of Telugu movies too where she sizzled in hot item numbers.

When recently Sunny made comments in an interview that both Bollywood and the southern film industry are unprofessional when it comes to sticking to the script, many don’t take seriously. But then, when they approaching Sunny with a film offer, they are feeling the heat of it.

A Telugu producer who has carved only below-average films till date in Telugu industry has last week approached Sunny for a film that features her in the lead role. Despite quoting a huge price, which the producer might be paying as he has enough investors on hand, she has asked that a dotted line will be signed only if they provide her with the bounded script.

Also, the actress laid a condition that the content of the script should not be changed at any point during the course of shooting. Well, the Telugu producer just got the shock of his life as he’s known for changing his film’s scenes till a day before the release.

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