'Teen Mom 2' Reunion: Jenelle Evans Returns to Face Nessa, Before Dr. Drew Grills Her About David Eason

“I’m sick of everyone from this show attacking me,” says Evans, after agreeing to come back on stage after storming out.

The showdown between "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans and reunion host Nessa Diab continued on Monday night, after the reality TV star stormed off set when she was confronted about comments she made about Diab’s boyfriend, football player Colin Kaepernick.

ICYMI, last week, Diab kicked off their interview together by calling out Evans for making "hateful comments on social media about my family, about my man Colin Kaepernick," comments Jenelle denied making. For what it’s worth, they’re still very much live on her personal page. When Nessa said Jenelle was lying, she went off, dropping a number of f-bombs and walking out.

Tuesday’s new episode began backstage, with Dr. Drew Pinsky trying to talk Jenelle into returning to the interview.

"She couldn’t wait until the end, until we were done?" asked a visibly angry Evans. "I’ve been having so many medical issues this whole trip and the first thing that happens, I get out on stage, I get attacked."

"I think that was a sign of how much she was affected by the tweet," said Dr. Drew. Evans’ response: "Yeah, well guess what, I’ve been affected by so many f–king people lately."

Evans then said she had "no idea" who Kaepernick was or what he was protesting. "Didn’t he kneel at the football game?" she asked, "That’s what [husband David Eason] didn’t like. I didn’t know anything, I still don’t know anything about him."

While she then said she didn’t want to be back on stage with Nessa, she eventually agreed to return, with mom Barbara by her side. "The only reason I came back out here was to tell you that it wasn’t me," Jenelle told Nessa when she returned, "I have people writing this on my account, for me, for ads, for those pictures. So that wasn’t me."

But Nessa didn’t let Jenelle off the hook.

"At the end of the day, it’s still your account. Whether it was you or somebody else, I can only hold you accountable for it because it came from you," she said, calmly. "You do have a big platform and there was so much information that wasn’t true on there, it was so hurtful to me, my family, to so many people, because that was a false narrative. Just so everyone is aware, that is not from the other day, these are old posts and I’ve stayed quiet because I was waiting for a healing moment to talk to you Jenelle."

"I’m just sick of everyone from this show coming attacking me. It’s everybody," Evans said, again getting emotional, "You could have waited until the end." As for why she didn’t wait, Nessa said it would have been "fake" to have a full conversation while holding onto "that kind of hurt."

That’s when Barbara interjected, trying to shift the conversation onto anything else. "Let’s talk about your season," she said, as Jenelle said her season was "horrible." Trying to lighten the mood, Barbara added, "We had fun!"

"It’s bad that I’m not filming at my house, filming what’s going on," said Evans. All season long, production refused to film in North Carolina, after Jenelle’s husband threatened producers saying he’d show up and jump in front of the cameras.

Drew asked Jenelle the million dollar question: "How come you’re not mad at David for burning all those bridges, sending those threatening notes, putting himself in that position?"

"Because I love him and he’s a great father," Jenelle answered. "You don’t think I haven’t had those conversations? But I’m going to sit here and defend him, I’m not going to sit here and talk shit about him."

Evans also railed on Amber Portwood for saying she was in an abusive relationship and Kailyn Lowry for suggesting David needs a psych evaluation on her podcast. When asked if the two "Teen Mom 2" costars could ever be in the same room again for a reunion in the future, Evans said, "I don’t want to be around her."

She added, "I don’t know how I can trust her again, that’s the problem."

Barbara also accused the other young women on the show of alienating Jenelle "for years" and called out Chelsea Houska’s father Randy for "putting horrible things on the internet about Jenelle." She then asked, "Why can’t they just leave her alone?"

"They will not stop talking about me and my husband and it’s really upsetting," she said, tearing up. "There’s so many good things happening at my house, everyone’s getting along and it really sucks that no one can see it."

While she has since been fired from the show altogether after David killed the family dog, Evans ended the episode still questioning her future on the show.

"We gotta figure something out if we’re going to continue," she told Dr. Drew. "It was fun and I’m glad I got the opportunity, I’ll continue to post and share my life with everyone."

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