Vicky Kaushal opens up about the kind of girl he would like to have as his wife

During his latest appearance on Into the Wild with Bear Grylls, Vicky Kaushal said he would want to marry at some point in his life. He also revealed the kind of girl he would like to have as his wife.

Vicky Kaushal faced his fears ‘head on’ as he went ‘Into the Wild’ with Bear Grylls. The actor faced his biggest fear — deep blue sea — during his adventure. From covering himself with mud to avoid mosquitoes, eating raw crab meat to taking a dive into the Indian ocean and experiencing the sea life closely, the actor did it all. In Bear’s words, Kaushal was an “incredible guest” who gave a “satisfying wide smile” after conquering his fear.

Besides conquering his fear of diving into seawater, the Udham Singh also opened up about his personal life. He shared the story of being born in a small house and him leaving engineering for acting. Kaushal also revealed the kind of girl he would like to have as his wife.

Before the actor started his adventure, his father and Bollywood action director Sham Kaushal had a message for him. He said, “Hello Vicky puttar, Love you. I am a bit tensed. It is difficult to survive in some corner of the world with no one around. But I know you have Bear Grylls with you who is the biggest survivalist of the world. Another name of difficulties is ‘never give up’. So please don’t give up. Come out as a winner. We are waiting for you.”

Hearing the message from his father, the actor got emotional and told Grylls, “He is my pillar of strength and I can’t tell you what he has gone through in life. I have seen the hardships he has gone through in life. So, a word of advice, encouragement from him at the beginning of the journey is going to make a big difference to me.”

On being prodded by the host to share the story of his father’s struggles, Vicky Kaushal said, “At 23, he landed up in Bombay, no job, no plan B, no safety net, and he has hustled all his youth to survive and then life made him an action director in movies. He broke his bones, lit himself on fire, jumped off the cliffs, buildings and towers. He shows me this broken bone which he couldn’t get repaired because he didn’t have money. So all that just gives me a lot of strength and keeps me moving.”

The 33-year-old actor went deep into the mangrove swamp and as they rested for a bit, he shared with Bear Grylls the story of him leaving engineering as he couldn’t be a ‘rat in the race’.

“I have been an engineering student. My father was very happy seeing his kid becoming an engineer because nobody in my family has ever done a 9-5 job where they get monthly pay cheques, where they get weekends off so that they can plan their family time. So he was very happy that somebody in the family is going to live that life,” Kaushal narrated.

But it was during an industrial visit in his second year of engineering that the actor realised this is a profession not meant for him. Vicky Kaushal said, “The day I saw people working in front of the computers, I just couldn’t feel that and for the first time in life, I was sure about something, and it was that I don’t belong here. I was always active on stage. That’s what gave me happiness and I thought I should explore that but I still didn’t have the confidence to say that I want to become an actor.”

During the adventure in the mangrove swamp, Kaushal was made to eat raw crab meat that tasted ‘awful’ but he ate it to survive as his josh was “very very high”.

Looking at his high spirits, Grylls asked Kaushal, “You seem like someone who likes risks, there’s an edge in your roles as well, is that a conscious thing?” To this, the actor replied, “Any role that scares me in the beginning is the one I want to do because I want to look back and say ‘I did that’. And that’s how I think I will evolve and grow.”

Amid his wedding rumours with Katrina Kaif, Bear Grylls also quizzed Vicky Kaushal about the kind of girl he would like to have as his wife. “Whoever makes you feel at home all the time, you just know that connect. Also, where there is that understanding where you love each other for your plus and minuses both and we make each other a better version of each other,” the Uri actor said.

It was recently reported that Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif had an engagement ceremony on Diwali as they were spotted at the same location. When some photographers asked Kaushal about his wedding, he just smiled and chose to maintain silence on the topic.

As Kaushal concluded his journey in Into The Wild with Bear Grylls, he shared how it was a ‘surreal’ experience. “It was surreal and an emotional moment for me. This for me is life-changing and a significant point in my life. I am going to be a different person, an evolved person, a person who has conquered his fear by a margin. It was symbolic to just sit on the wreck of a ship in the middle of an ocean. It feels victorious,” the actor concluded.

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