What Makes Ananya Pandey Cry

What Madhuri misses…. Check out Mini’s tips… What’s Swastika up to?

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IMAGE: Ananya Pandey asks, ‘Is it normal to cry when you look at a puppy or is it just me, hope you’re paw struck with what we shot – I sure was.’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Ananya Pandey/Instagram


IMAGE: Madhuri Dixit misses the beach.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Madhuri Dixit/Instagram


IMAGE: Mini Mathur‘s skin care tips: ‘I’ve taken my skin for granted for years and years.. in the years that perhaps mattered the most. But what I’ve learnt is that it’s never too late to get it right.
‘Small steps of self care start with identifying a routine that works for you and products that help your skin and hair.
‘A healthy diet, vitamins, exercise and cleansing, toning, moisturising.
‘Self Face massages, hair masks.. I see small steps making a big difference everyday. Helps a lot when the camera catches every spot. What do you guys do for your hair and skin?
‘And does it make a difference? Are you struggling with being regular? Tell me.’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Mini Mathur/Instagram


IMAGE: Daisy Shah walks under a clear sky.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Daisy Shah/Instagram


IMAGE: Sonal Chauhan has a question for you: ‘Love is the second name of consistency… Agree???’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Sonal Chauhan/Instagram


IMAGE: Swastika Mukherjee likes what she sees.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Swastika Mukherjee/Instagram


IMAGE: Aftab Shivdasani checks himself out in the gym.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Aftab Shivdasani/Instagram


IMAGE: Karanvir Bohra with his youngest daughter Gia and writes, ‘Every man’s dream come true, chilling with a beautiful girl by the poolside!’
Photograph: Kind courtesy Karanvir Bohra/Instagram


IMAGE: Manav Kaul holidays in his native Kashmir.
Photograph: Kind courtesy Manav Kaul/Instagram




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