Why you’ll need special glasses for Akshay’s Bell Bottom

The way to beat the current crisis of footfalls in the movie theatres is to provide the technology that audiences cannot get in their home-viewing experience.

This is the conclusion reached by the makers of Akshay Kumar’s espionage thriller Bell Bottom.

The film, directed by Ranjit Tiwari, is now being converted into a 3D experience to ensure that theatres remain the only outlet to truly enjoy the film.

Sources say the decision was taken by the producers to maximize box office potential at a time when the very existence of movie theatres is threatened.

Bell Bottom will be Akshay’s second 3D film after 2:0, the sequel to Robot, which was a Tamil film dubbed into Hindi.

Subhash K Jha tried reaching out to Ranjit Tiwari and Producer Nikkhil Advani for a confirmation, but they chose not to reply.

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