Zaid Khan on ‘Banaras’: A worthwhile struggle

The actor talks of the hard work that went into making his debut film memorable

Zaid Khan is all smiles about his entry into the Kannada film industry. The young actor makes his debut in Jayathirtha’s (Bell Bottom and Beautiful Manasugalu ) Banaras.

The film has been extensively shot in Varanasi and Bengaluru. Zaid says the journeywas not easy. “It involved a lot of hard work.The first challengewas convincing my family. I come from a political background. Hence, it was taken for granted that I would tread the same path. As of now, I have no political inclination. Being the first actor in the family, my parents were anxious. Now, that they have seen my progress in Banaras, they are happy for me.”

Living alone in Mumbai, while training at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares – The School For Actors, was also difficult, he adds. “The training at the academy was a dream come true. What was tough was living alone in Mumbai without family.Looking back, I feel the Mumbai experience made me self-sufficient and confident.”

The 24-year-old is fluent in Hindi and Urdu, and for Banaras, learnt to read, write and speak Kannada.

The film holds a special place in his heart, because of the struggle he went through to land the role. “I heard around 30 to 40 scripts and approached many directors before I met Jayathirtha. “There are many actors, who are better looking or more talented compared to me. I wanted to be a part of a film that would set me apart. Banaras is a love story and is heavy on content and culture. Today, content is king and Banaras seemed a good fit for me.”

The film is made in Kannada, but will also be released in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam.

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