Palawan Pawnshop | Products & Benefits

Palawan Pawnshop |  Products & Benefits

Have you considered pawning your things to have some much-needed cash? If you are and have no idea exactly how it all works, then continue reading as it may help you. We cannot deny that the world continues to progress as much as pawnshops are also continuously developing.

Palawan Pawnshops cater to various services with great deals and even offers low-interest rates for loans nationwide. They have been running since 1985. Among other things, Palawan Pawnshop also widens its services like bill payment, foreign currency exchange, money remittance that makes it even more convenient and reliable. Their interest rates may vary from 1% to 3%.

It is simply the go-to shop if you are looking for the best pawning experience. They provide different interest packages to accommodate any financial needs of every customer. All branches welcome all kinds of gold jewelry items as pawn collateral with great appraisal rates. Here are some points as to what you can expect when you decide to visit Palawan pawnshops.

They offer loans with:

high appraisal of a pawn
low-interest rate
1% service charge

And if you are planning to apply for a Pawnshop Palawan loan, below are the necessities to bring:

Any gold jewelry to have an assessment and get appraised.
Ask for the standard form and apply.
Sign the pawn ticket and check the money received from your pawn before leaving.

And if you are wondering about the available packages they offer, let me help you out a bit.

PACKAGE 1 (With 1% Advance interest)

1% 1-11 DAYS

2% 12-22 DAYS

3% 23-33 DAYS

PACKAGE 2 (No Advance interest)



PACKAGE 3 (1 Month Advance interest)


PACKAGE 4 (2 Month Advance interest)


The secret to having a successful pawning experience and getting the best deal is to know how everything functions and choose if you want to use it as collateral or sell your item. It is vital to do your research about interest rates before diving into such a decision.

Palawan Pawnshop vs Other Pawnshops

Is Palawan Pawnshop really the best? To answer this question, you need to compare it with other pawnshops. The UpFinance website can help you with this. It is not as easy as pie to assimilate and understand all the nuances of financial products, loans or offers. It’s the edge to learn things first to avoid impulsive decisions that you may regret in the future. Nobody wants to be sorry, right?

The UpFinance’s website features various leading financial institutions in the Philippines – banks, pawnshops, payday lenders and many more. Each company has a block of information. You can check it and see the details, which may include interest rate, approval duration, and loan expiration date.

UpFinance provides convenience by presenting detailed information about each company. This will help you find the best financial institution that is right for you faster. Click here for further information