Amy Childs – ‘I’m not worried about getting back into shape’

In an exclusive interview Amy Childs chats about welcoming her beautiful newborn twins, Billy and Milly, getting engaged to fiancé Billy Delbosq and upcoming plans for their wedding.

But one thing that's certainly not on her mind is getting back 'into shape' – instead, the 33-year-old is more concerned about spending time with her family.

"I’m absolutely knackered, the twins were up most of last night!," Amy says when we ask if she's hoping to exercise soon.

"Plus, I’ve been filming TOWIE and we plan to go on holiday. So I’m not thinking about training at the minute and I’m not worried about getting back into shape. I’ll start slowly over the next few months."

With little spare time on her hands, Amy admits that when she does get a minute it'll be spent with her kids.

"The twins are doing really well so far. I always try to spend time with Polly and Ritchie on their own too. That’s so important," she assures us.

But, of course, the star is never one to choose the easy route and has been busy filming the latest season of TOWIE in between it all.

Amy says: "The TOWIE family is so amazing. That’s why I’ll always come back – they’re such a big part of my life," while fiancé Billy reveals, " We’ve been so wrapped up in our own world, coming together to film has been the perfect timing."

And it's no secret that the reality star had a traumatic birth with Billy and Milly – little Billy Jr had a prolapsed umbilical cord [when the cord slips down in front of the baby after the waters have broken, which can reduce oxygen supply to the child] – and this is something she's still coming to terms with post-labour.

She explains: "My emergency C-section was really traumatic. The midwife had her hands inside me [holding the cord] and she said, which really scared me, that if we were at home and the cord had come out the baby could have died. I cried.

"Talking about it makes me shiver. I might even have a bit of postnatal [depression]. But it’s good to talk about it. I should have listened to myself and had a planned C-section – it would be so much better."

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