Chad Johnson Tells Kadarius Toney To Ignore Critics, 'F 'Em'

Chad Johnson‘s been in a similar spot to the one Kadarius Toney is currently in … and he’s telling TMZ Sports he’s got one big piece of advice for the Chiefs star to get out of it all — ignore the haters.

“F ’em,” he said.

Johnson sent the message loud and clear on Tuesday — after Toney received a ton of criticism for lining up offsides on what would have been the potential game-winning play against the Bills at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday.

“As a former player, I’ve also been in the situations before where I’ve made mistakes and those mistakes have cost the game,” the ex-Bengals wide receiver said. “It’s happened to me. It happened to me early in my career.”

Johnson said the moment he remembers specifically went down during a game against the Colts — when he dropped a key pass that could’ve led to a Cincinnati W.

“You know, you go back to the drawing board,” Johnson said of how he fixed it all, “you bust your ass this week in practice, and you make sure you make up for that play. And, I think [Toney] will do that.”

Johnson said Toney should learn a lot about the play moving forward — telling us the young wideout will now know to make sure to keep his eye contact with officials long enough to ensure he’s always onside.

“It’s a mistake that Kadarius can fix,” Johnson said. “And, I think he’ll be OK.”

Johnson is promising to address plenty of other football topics on “Inside The NFL,” which airs Tuesdays on The CW — including this week, when he spoke with Patrick Queen on the show about the Ravens star’s plans to get Dua Lipa to a game in Baltimore.

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