Chloe Madeley and James Haskell: Inside their ‘toxic’ split

After weeks of hints and speculation, Chloe Madeley and James Haskell confirmed they have called time on their five-year marriage – vowing to co-parent and focus on their daughter Bodhi.

With the news coming after the couple let the cameras in for new reality show, Chloe Madeley: A Family Affair , it’s clear that tension was brewing during recent months and was heightened by working together.

Delving into the cause of their break-up, a source who spoke to OK! claimed Chloe and James’ extreme bickering wore them down and left Chloe feeling that she had “had enough”, while relationship expert Callisto Adams claimed things had turned “toxic”.

“Their constant arguments took a toll on their marriage and got worse when filming the show. It brought them stress as they were unable to escape the public eye,” claimed the source. “They found it more stressful than ever and being filmed didn’t help.”

Cracks in their marriage were also shown on-screen on their reality show. During the final episode, James, 38, even said Chloe, 36, “treats him like a dog”.

As Chloe attempted to work, she was seen shushing her husband while he spoke, telling the camera, “If James is contributing anything of value, I wouldn’t shush him but he’s contributing s**t banter on a work call that isn’t appropriate and he needs to pipe down!”

As he stormed out of the room James snapped, “She shushes me like I’m a dog or like I’m a baby. I’m like, ‘Shush me again and that’s the last thing you’ll ever do.’”

Analysing their relationship, expert Callisto told us, “Their split could have happened as a result of their constant arguments, not being on the same page and always going back to each other but never asking for forgiveness.

“In my opinion, that resulted in a massive split that I think can be considered toxic.”

The couple married in 2018 and had daughter Bodhi in August 2022, but have since been struggling to find a balance. It’s no secret they have differing lifestyles, with James focusing on his DJ career since leaving professional rugby – meaning he is often on party islands and away from the family.

“He was always away, DJing in Ibiza and then the story emerged of him pictured with a blonde – it was just one thing after another,” the source said.

James was also recently spotted with a woman on a night out, adding speculation that James’ partying was one of the catalysts for their split. Chloe has shared her frustration at James’ behaviour and detailed their “biggest row ever”, which was over James posting pictures with bikini-clad girls and was caught on camera for their reality show.

She recalled her argument with James. “He was in Ibiza and posted photos of other girls’ asses,” she said. “My argument was, ‘I don’t mind that that is your job but I don’t want you putting it on social media when everyone knows I’m your wife.’”

Regarding their communication style, expert Callisto claimed it was not a healthy one. “The way they interact with each other is the blind leading the blind,” said Callisto. “Yes, they talk, but they do not appear to move past the problems. In my opinion, they see the small problem, not the bigger picture and this has caused their relationship damage, leading to, I think an anticipated split.”

The pair confirmed their split in a joint statement where they said they had “mutually decided to split at the end of September”. They went on to write, “Our sole focus now is our beautiful daughter. We shall continue to co-parent with nothing but love.”

The news didn’t come as a total surprise – having both been spotted without their wedding rings on multiple solo nights out.

Chloe, who is the daughter of presenting duo Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan will no doubt be leaning on her family during this difficult time.

“She’s so close to them and they’re deeply upset about all of this too,” the source claimed. “They’ve had a very strong marriage and wanted the same for Chloe. They adore James but they want to see their daughter happy and they could see cracks appearing for a long time.”

As Chloe and James work to co-parent, it’s clear there’s no turning back as our source said, “Chloe has had enough.”

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